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Sony Dualsense PS5 Controllers: Stick Drift

If you’re an avid gamer, you are probably familiar with the term stick drift. This can affect any sort of controller from any console or manufacturer. It is the phenomena whereby the control stick appears to move by itself and you may notice your video game character running by itself on the screen. But don’t fear – it can be fixed. In this article we highlight some steps to solve stick drift on your Sony Dualsense PS5 controllers. 

Clean the joysticks

Small particles of dirt and debris can easily fall into the joystick area which can cause the drifting. This is because the debris disrupts the movements. This can be solved by gently cleaning the area. We recommend using compressed air to blow away any debris. Similarly, you can use a small drop of rubbing alcohol and a microfibre cloth or cotton bud to wipe aware the joystick to remove dirt. Once this has been wiped, wiggle the joystick around and push downwards, then test to see if the drift has gone. 


Performing a controller reset

You can resolve many issues with your controller by performing a reset. This is done by using the reset button on the back of the controller. Turn the console off, push a small tool inside the button hole for 3-5 seconds, connect to the console with the USB cable and press the PS button. 

Adjust the Stick Sensitivity/Deadzone

You can also adjust deadzone and sensitivity settings to resolve drifting issues. This setting is found in each individual game you play. Simply head over to the in-game settings and navigate to any controller settings. In here you can adjust sensitivity and input thresholds. This can resolve issues which may be caused by the applied settings, and allows you to also adjust settings to a more enjoyable preference.  


Update the controller software

Updating your controller software is another easy way to resolve issues. To do this, pair the controller with your console and follow the instructions on-screen. If an update has not automatically started, head over to Settings, Accessories, and then Controller settings. You can then select DualSense Wireless Controller Device Software, and once this is chosen the console should perform any updates on your controller if available. 


You can use these simple steps to solve drifting issues and get back to enjoying your gaming experience. If you find the joystick is still drifting after these steps, then we recommend checking out the PlayStation web support. You can get further support on your controller by clicking here.

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