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Energy saving tips for your TV

Many of us are looking for ways to reduce energy usage in the home. Whether this is a need to reduce our electric bills, or in a bid to reduce energy consumption to help the planet. According to the Energy Saving Trust, the national average price to run a TV is around 20p per hour. Below we have highlighted some ways to reduce the energy consumption on your TV.

Turning off internet settings

If you have a SMART TV but are not using the internet on it, you may wish to turn off this feature to reduce energy consumption. This is because when the internet settings are on the TV, the TV will be actively connecting to the network in the background. As a result, the TV uses more power.

Amending screen brightness

Adjusting picture settings is another way to reduce energy consumption. Most TVs will have a picture setting options for screen brightness. By reducing the brightness, the TV will use less energy to light up the screen.

Setting an auto-standby timer

Most TVs will have an automatic standby setting by default when in use. This means if the TV has not received any commands from buttons for a certain period of time, it will display a warning message that the TV will turn off, and if no button is still pressed it will automatically turn off. This is great if you fall asleep watching TV or leave the room and forget to turn the TV off. You can amend the automatic standby to change the amount of time for this message to appear. For example, after 1 hour etc.

Unplug the TV at the wall

Although leaving TVs plugged in when in standby is fine, you can reduce power consumption by physically unplugging the TV from the wall. The only downside to this is that you may need to retune your TV in to your digital aerial or manually search for any software updates. This is because some TVs search and perform software updates over-night whilst in standby.

Setting to eco mode

You may find your TV has an ‘eco mode’ as a setting to choose from. If this is the case, pick this setting and the TV will automatically adjust all relevant settings to reduce the power consumption. This is a quick resolution opposed to manually adjusting settings.

Overall, there are different ways you can reduce the energy your TV uses. You may find more settings in your user manual which can improve the energy usage. In the manual may also find specifications that might indicate how much it is costing you to run. You can browse our full range of TVs here.