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Bush smart TV’s

When choosing a Smart TV Bush has you covered. With three different types of smart platforms you now have more choice than ever over your viewing experience.

What is a Smart TV?

 Bush Smart TV’s come with a variety of entertainment options. You don’t need to connect to a TV antenna, or subscribe to cable or satellite services to enjoy films, TV programs, and music. You can simply connect to the internet and gain access to popular on demand content through apps such as Netflix and Prime video. You also have the ability to connect to other wireless devices like soundbars and wireless headphones.

Bush Smart Fire TV

This is a new generation of Smart TV that has Fire TV built-in and focuses on streaming not just Amazon’s prime video but channels like Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer and many more. It comes with a vast catalogue of entertainment which can be easily launched from its main homescreen.  It also comes with a Voice Remote which allows you easily control TV functions and search programmes. It’s great if you already have amazon devices in your home as you can control compatible smart home devices with your voice using Alexa.

 Bush Android TV

Not only does the Android TV have all the features you would expect of a Smart TV with plenty of on demand content through apps such as Netflix and Prime video, you have the option to download many more from the Google play store. You can sync your google account giving you access to your Google Play store, Google Play games and more making it perfect for android users. It also comes with Google Assist which is great for searching various content.  

Everyone has different preferences and Bush has designed smart TVs with this in mind. For example do you like to watch a series on demand or prefer live TV? And are you an Alexa or Google home user? Before deciding on a Smart TV it’s important to think about your requirements and chose one that fits your lifestyle.

If you are looking for a new TV but are unsure where to start, Argos have a handy buying guide to help you.