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Why do appliances need clearance?

When setting up your appliance for the first time you may notice the installation guide mentions leaving sufficient clearance. Clearance is the term we use to describe the clear space we leave around the sides, top, and bottom of our appliances. The space required will vary on your model but typically the clearance space may be around 5cm each side. Using this example, it means you would need to ensure there is a clear 5cm gap each side.

The main purpose of clearance is to allow for proper air circulation for the appliance. The motors and fans on the appliance will need the air flow to prevent overheating and overworking. If sufficient clearance is not provided, it can risk causing problems. In terms of the air circulation specifically, fridge freezers can be directly affected if there is insufficient air ventilation. This is because the air circulation helps to the compressor work to keep the temperature cool. Without this circulation, it can affect the performance and prevent the appliance from maintaining the correct temperature.

For appliances connected to water supplies, such as washing machines or dishwashers, clearance is important to help prevent the hoses from bending. If there isn’t space at the back then the hoses may kink or bend, resulting in drainage issues. By providing plenty of space, the hoses can be connected correctly, avoiding any obstructions, and allowing a clear flow for the water.

Without clearance, it is also possible to experience excessive noise when in operation. This happens as a result of the appliance’s normal vibrations making contact with other surfaces. This is particularly noticeable with washing machines as the drum moves around inside when in operation. As a result, the vibrations are amplified if touching walls or other units, leading to excessive vibrations and sounds.

To summarise, leaving clearance is important in the installation and maintenance of your appliance. Not only does it allow a clear airflow but also prevents excessive noise and vibrations. If you need to confirm the space you should be giving your appliance, ensure you contact the relevant support team or check your instruction manual. You can browse all appliances here.