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Getting the best cooking results from your oven

It can be frustrating when using an oven and your food is either undercooked or burnt. This usually means you need to spend more time re-cooking, or it can ruin your meal altogether. In this article we highlight our advice to get the best cooking results from your oven. 

Arrange your oven racks and shelving

Did you know that the way you organise the shelving when cooking can make a big difference with cooking results? Generally, you should use the top rack for higher temperature cooking, the middle rack for moderate, even cooking, and the bottom rack for lower temperatures and slower cooking. 


Ensure the correct temperature and timing has been set

When cooking meals, you should always check the temperature and timings. If you are cooking a ready cook meal, the packaging should provide instructions on how to do this. If cooking from scratch, always check any recipe information to check the suitability for the temperatures and timings available on your oven. Similarly, if you have a particularly full oven this may increase cooking times so it is recommended to monitor the cooking to get the best results. 


Increase the moisture in the oven to prevent burning

If you are cooking something with a low moisture content, you may need to add some moisture to the oven to prevent it from drying out and burning. Depending on your model of oven, you may find that your oven has a tray that you can fill with water. If not, you may need to spray or sprinkle some water on the food prior to putting in the oven. 

Rotate food to cook effectively

You can also rotate your food to ensure it is cooking effectively. This is because when the heat circulates in the oven, it may not heat the underside of food as much as it heats the top. To avoid this, you can rotate the food half way through cooking to allow thorough cooking. 

Avoid opening the door too much

To get the best cooking results, you should also avoid opening the door too much. This is because when you open the door, heat can escape. If this is done multiple times when cooking, it may mean the cooking time needs to be increased to effectively heat the food. To work around this, you should time intervals when you need to check the food to maintain the heat. 


Always keep the oven clean

Keeping your oven clean is also a simple but effective way to get the best performance from your oven. This will help the heat to circulate correctly around the oven. If there is any dirt or debris stuck on the inside of the oven, it can affect the flow and prevent thorough cooking. 


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