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Fans, coolers, and air conditioning. What’s the difference?

In the summer heat, you may be familiar with different methods and hacks to stay cool. Whilst these are incredibly useful, some of us may want to completely skip the hacks and jump straight into using some air-cooling technology. There are different options available on the market; fans, coolers, and air conditioning. But what is the difference between these and how do they work? 

Fans: Simple circulation

Fans are one of the most basic and well-known forms of air-cooling technology. There are different types of fans available to suit the space you have. You may opt for a pedestal fan to stand in the corner of your room, or you may want to choose a desktop fan to keep you cool whilst you work. They work by circulating the blades which in turn circulates the air to form a breeze. This breeze creates a cooling sensation on the skin. They do not actually adjust the temperature of the air, but the circulation of it provides a cooling effect on the skin and is perfect within indoor spaces. 


Coolers: Evaporation technology

Air coolers are another well-known piece of technology for the summer and are becoming increasingly more popular. They are usually bigger units than fans, but there are also some smaller portable versions available. They work by pulling warm air through an internal moistened filter or a thin pad, the water then evaporates as it passes through and comes out as cool air. This helps to put moisture into the air in the area which can cool an indoors environment. These are most effective when the air is particularly dry, as the cooling is implemented by the moisture (and consequential evaporation of this water) the cooler introduces to the air. 


Air Conditioning: Refrigeration cycles

Air conditioners are arguably the most advanced air cooling technology you can invest in. This is because they allow the user to control and regulate the temperature, humidity and general air quality within the area. They work by using refrigeration technology to remove the heat and moisture from the air which lowers the overall temperature. They are favoured by those who are unable to have air-conditioning installed in their home, but can enjoy the effects from a smaller unit. Air conditioning units work best in sealed rooms as they actively pull in warm air from the room and cool it. Try to keep windows and doors closed for maximum efficiency. 


To conclude

The devices can be distinguished by the understanding that fans circulate the air to create a cooling effect, the coolers use evaporation technology to cool the air, and air conditioning units use refrigeration cycles to remove heat and control the temperature. Knowing which is the right choice for a cool purchase can vary quite a bit depending on the size of the room, how hot it gets, how the room is used, and the level of cooling required. 

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