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How to safely store gas for your BBQ

With the sun shining this summer, it is the perfect excuse for a BBQ in the garden. If you are using gas to power your BBQ, you should be aware of the safety you need to consider when handling and storing your gas cylinder. In this article, we look at how to safely store the gas cylinder for your BBQ. 

Choosing the right location

It is first important to choose the best location to store your gas cylinder. When choosing the area, you should be looking for a well-ventilated area away from any heat sources or hazards. The cylinder should be stored in an upright position so it is crucial that this space is available. The gas cylinder should be stored in an outbuilding where possible rather than indoor spaces as indoor cupboards and basements can be quite confined. 

Inspecting the cylinder

Before placing it into storage, you should check that there are no signs of any issues with the cylinder. This means checking for any potential damage or rusting. If you can see any issues, it would indicate it is best to replace the cylinder or get in touch with a relevant professional to assess. This is important as the issue may worsen and it can be a safety risk. 

Securing the cylinder

You should always store your gas cylinder in a secure upright position. You can achieve this by using a cylinder strap or bracket which you can purchase from various retailers. This minimises the risk of the cylinder falling over during storage and becoming damaged. 

Storage conditions

You should also consider any storage conditions to ensure safety is maintained. Due to the nature of gas cylinders, it is essential they are stored away from any flammable materials. These include other fuel types or heat sources. The cylinder should also be positioned in an area in which it will not be accidentally knocked over. 

Proper ventilation

Gas cylinders require proper ventilation when they are being stored. This prevents gas vapours from building up. This can be avoided by avoiding storing it in an enclosed space, or if it is stored in an enclosed space make sure the room is well-ventilated. 

Regular maintenance

Like with any product or appliance, your gas cylinder should be regularly maintained. You should be routinely checking the cylinder for any general wear and tear which could cause problems, and you may need to replace the cylinder if appropriate. 

Emergency and safety considerations

We recommend ensuring everyone in your household is aware of what to do in the event of an emergency and any safety procedures you need to take place. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby and make sure that everyone knows how to turn off the gas supply if there is an emergency. This will ensure your household is safe in the event of an emergency. 


By using our advice you can safely store the gas cylinder for your BBQ ready for when you next need it. Always remember to stay safe and follow any guidance specifically stated on your canister. 

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